•  Our group is dedicated to teaching necessary social skills needed to become successful and independent members of our community.

•  Groups will be formed based on age and skill level to include both typical peers & peers with disabilities.

•  Our classes incorporate a multidisciplinary and multi-sensory approach to teaching social skills.

•  We are seeking volunteers to assist in sessions with stations and for community events.

Lesson Content May Include Topics Such as:

•  Initiating and Maintaining Conversation

•  Expressing Feelings

•  Friendship Skills, Life skills

•  Scheduling/Organization

•  Communication, feelings, empathy

•  Cooperative skills

•  Self Regulation/management

•  Responsible Decision Making

•  Social/Self Awareness Skills

•  Relationship Building

Pre-requisites: Able to maintain attention for 15 minute intervals, display appropriate/safe behavior, and use effectively communicate needs/wants.

Age Groups: Ages 7-21

**Groups may vary with age range and be co-ed at times

Camp Location: 114 Constitution Drive, Suite 300 ~ Warner Robins, GA 31088

Camp Costs/Size: $50 per hour session; 2-6 students per group

Dates: Monday's or Wednesday's afterschool TBD

Contact: Bridgette @ Puzzle Pieces, 478-919-8606 or puzzlepiecesintervention@yahoo.com

Please return registration/payment by drop off, fax, email or mail to: 404-393-5772 Facsimile, puzzlepiecesintervention@yahoo.com , 114 Constitution Drive, Suite 300 ~ Warner Robins, GA

Registration Form

Is your student currently on an IEP? YES NO
Does your child have Social/Communication goals? YES NO      (Please Attach)
Please indicate if it is permissible to use your child's photograph in our upcoming Brochures, Classrooms, or Clinic YES NO
Based on your observations, put a small check beside those items that you consider to be areas of need for the student being considered for camp. Enrollment will be based upon meeting the necessary criteria of pre-requisites determined by the Director.
1 = almost never uses the skill, 2 = sometimes uses the skills, 3 = almost always uses the skill

Greets Others Stays on Topic with Peers
Let's Others Talk Compromises
Shows Empathy Asks for Help
Deals with Teasing Asks Appropriate Questions
Deals with Anger Standing Up for Oneself
Being Flexible Listens to Others
Reading Body Language Tolerates Losing Games
Responds to Greetings Plays Appropriately with Toys
Introduces Self Shares Materials Willingly
Starts Confersations with Others Successfully joins Activities with Peers
Takes Conversational Turns with Peers and Listens to their Interests
PAYMENT IS DUE WHEN YOU SUBMIT THE REGISTRATION. Checks, Grant funding, or cash accepted.