What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an empirical discipline devoted to the understanding and improvement of human behavior based from B.F. Skinner and Ivar Lovaas.  ABA focuses on objectively defined, measurable and observable behaviors that are of social significance to the learner.  ABA seeks to improve the behavior under study while showing a reliable and functional relationship between the procedures that are employed and the behavioral improvement.  ABA uses the methods of science which include description, quantification, and analysis.

How will these services assist our family member, patient, client, student, and/or staff?

Applied Behavior Analysis can promote reduction of negative, disruptive behaviors (non-compliance, tantrums, aggression, self-injury, etc.), improve and increase language acquisition, academics, feeding deficits, social skills, play and leisure skills, adaptive and daily living skills, vocational skills, memory maintenance, and many more.  Parents and professionals who believe that their family member or students may be assisted by ABA and other multi-faceted methods should consider the time intensity, resources of the home, agency, or school, the significance of the behaviors to reduce or acquire, and available assistance in the community.

Is ABA a researched-based approach and an appropriate measure to use?

Research is the province promoting the method of ABA and has been tested and utilized for more than 35 years.  Applied Behavior Analysis methods have been authorized by the Surgeon General.

What age is most appropriate to start ABA?

ABA can provide assistance to individuals of all ages.  However, research demonstrates that early intervention is the key to success.  When skill acquisition programming is implemented at a younger age, ABA can encourage better results and can regularly reduce the occurrence of significant, inappropriate behaviors in their future.


How would one get started to implement ABA practices?

Families, Schools, and/or other Professionals may contact Puzzle Pieces to schedule an intake appointment or consultation.


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